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About us

Shopping Angels AUS is a free no-contact grocery delivery service helping those in isolation due to COVID-19. The program originated in the USA and expanded to Australia ~2 months ago. 

Shopping Angels AUS helps vulnerable populations who are in isolation, including senior citizens, those with health conditions and those in mandatory isolation. Our volunteer ‘angels’ physically pick up groceries or medications as requested by the recipients and are reimbursed via bank transfer. To ensure the health and safety of both our volunteer ‘angels’ and recipients, everyone involved must abide by our Terms and Conditions.



Our mission is to engage in small acts of kindness for populations vulnerable to COVID-19. By fostering these opportunities to connect, we improve our own daily lives while helping others.



Our vision is to live a world where we help our neighbours and develop new friendships.



By utilising modern day technology, we can connect people in need with people who can provide assistance like never before. 

Who do we serve?

Individuals and families in need across australia


Small quantity shopping

Most often requests are for shopping trips for small quantities of fresh produce, eggs, milk, meat. Very often the individual cannot meet the required minimum shop for deliveries from big chains or wishes to purchase in small quantities.



All volunteers also go through an intake process in which they agree that they will wear gloves and masks while they shop, abide by social distancing rules, and not engage in service if they are displaying any symptoms of sickness.


Zero markup and no delivery fee

The service is provided completely free of charge and recipients only pay for the goods actually purchased. When recipients are paired up with their volunteer, they are encouraged to arrange logistics including the shopping list and frequency of shops.

Becoming an angel

Help the vulnerable by shopping for their essentials

Becoming a volunteer with us is a meaningful way to create connections and focus on the positive actions within our control.

Shopping for groceries or picking up prescriptions may seem like a small task, but to the people we serve, these small tasks are invaluable.  

"Supporting each other and our neighbours while staying safe is the best way to reduce anxiety during this unprecedented time. I think shopping Angels AUS helps maintain our sense of community, even while we’re all living in social isolation."
Shopping Angel QLD


The journey so far

In just two months we’ve grown from a just a few people helping out to a massive helping community all across Australia.